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Dominion Bible School

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Dominion Bible School is committed to nurturing spiritual leaders, fostering academic excellence, and empowering ordinary individuals to exercise dominion and impact their sphere of influence.

Programs are Affordable, Practical & Spirit-led


Year 1: Start with the Certificate in Ministry.


Year 2: Continue with the Diploma in Ministry.


Year 3: Seven focused Bachelor's Degrees.


Year 4: The Bachelor of Ministry Honors.


Year 5: Nine focused Master's Degrees.


Year 6: Two focused Doctorates and a Ph.D.

Online Studies

All programs offer global accessibility, guaranteeing students unrestricted availability to quality Christian education.

Credit Transfers

Seamless credit transfers from accredited bible schools, institutions, colleges and seminaries, ensuring a smooth academic journey.


Graduations and Celebrations are held once a year in the United States of America, South Africa, as well as many other nations across the world.

What Our Students Say

"Dominion Bible School transformed my ministry. The dynamic courses and supportive community empowered me. Highly recommend!"
Johan Fourie
From South Africa
"Dominion Bible School exceeded my expectations. The in-depth Christian counseling program prepared me for real-world challenges."
Agness Banda
From Zambia
"I credit Dominion Bible School for my entrepreneurial success. The program and mentorship laid the foundation for my business. I am forever grateful."
Chipo Moyo
From Zimbabwe
"Dominion Bible School is all about preparing tomorrow's leaders. The Christian Leadership program equipped me with both practical skills and spiritual insight."
Tyrone Jones
From USA
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