Terms of Service

Kindly ensure that you read the full contents of our Terms of Service before applying for any Program.

By applying for any program and as a student of Dominion Bible School (DBS), you agree to adhere to the following Terms of Service:

1. Program Payment and Fees:

1.1. Tuition Fees: Students are liable to DBS for the full tuition fees of the respective program as outlined below:
• Certificate in Ministry: From R6,500.00 (Annual, Bi-Annual, Quarterly & Monthly Payment Options available)
• Diploma in Ministry: From R6,800.00 (Annual, Bi-Annual, Quarterly & Monthly Payment Options available)
• Bachelor of Theology, Ministry, Prophetic Ministry, Apostolic Ministry, Christian Counseling, Christian Education, and Christian Entrepreneurship: From R10,280.00 (Annual, Bi-Annual, Quarterly & Monthly Payment Options available)
• Bachelor of Ministry Honors: From R7,100.00 (Annual, Bi-Annual, Quarterly & Monthly Payment Options available)
• Master of Theology, Ministry, Prophetic Ministry, Apostolic Ministry, Christian Counseling, Christian Education, Christian Entrepreneurship, Christian Leadership, and Christian Business Administration: From R12,800.00 ((Annual, Bi-Annual, Quarterly & Monthly Payment Options available)
• Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Christian Business Administration: From R18,440.00 (Annual, Bi-Annual, Quarterly & Monthly Payment Options available)
• Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies: From R22,040.00 (Annual, Bi-Annual, Quarterly & Monthly Payment Options available)
1.2. Payment Plans: All Programs offer a 12-month Payment Plan. Students will be allowed to pay all Tuition Fees for the entire Program in advance upon arrangement with the DBS head office.
1.3. Payment Terms: An application fee of R500.00 is due upon registration/enrolment and is non-refundable. All tuition fees have to be paid in full before graduation and the issuing of the relevant qualification. Students with set Payment Plans understand that failing to make timely payments may result in the forfeiture of discounts and the charging of the entire program fee or the remain tuition fees due for the respective program(s).
1.4. Refunds: The application fee, as well as any and all program tuition fees, are non-refundable.
1.5. Cancellation: Applying/enrolling for a Program is to be regarded as entering into a 12-month contract with DBS. Cancellations will only be offered if the student fails to meet the Program’s minimum entry requirements and the student does not wish to enrol for another Program the student might qualify for. The R500.00 application fee is non-refundable. The only other instance where a cancellation will be allowed is after 12 months from the date of enrolment, when the Program is set to expire. Refer to 3.2.
1.5. Non-payment: Non-payment may result in exclusion from further lectures/modules until all outstanding amounts are settled, without relieving the student of obligations to pay in full.
1.6. DBS reserves the right: DBS reserves the right to withhold assignment results, qualifications, etc., and/or restrict the student’s access to graduations until all outstanding payments are settled in full.

2. Recognition of Prior Learning:

2.1. Life Experience Recognition: DBS acknowledges and values life experience gained through ministry-related work. While university transcripts may not encompass life experiences, DBS recognizes such experiences as valuable.
2.2. Recognition of Experience: Applicants with more than five years in a recognized ministry position may apply for life experience credits, allowing them to accelerate their learning and college experience towards earning an accredited ministry-related degree.
2.3. Limitation of Life Experience Credits: DBS allows a maximum of 30 credit hours for life experience, not constituting an entire degree. Documentation of experiences such as authored books, missions, classes taught, and ministry involvement must be submitted for evaluation.
2.4. Credit Transfer Policy: In addition to valuing life experience, DBS accepts credit transfers from accredited institutions such as colleges, seminaries, and Christian universities, provided the transferred courses align with content and requirements in the DBS catalogue.
2.5. Transfer Limitation: No more than 60 credit hours, including life experience credits, may be transferred to DBS. Official transcripts are required for reporting transferred credits. Credit transfers are assessed on an individual basis, and DBS reserves its right to accept or deny credits – the decision of which is final.
2.6. Costing: Applying for any form of recognition of prior learning – life experience, credit transfers, etc. – will incur a cost of R300.00 per application.

3. Program Completion:

3.1. Program Completion Timeline: Each program must be successfully completed within 12 months from the date of enrollment.
3.2. Consequences of Non-Completion: Failure to complete a program within the 12-month window will result in automatic un-enrollment, requiring re-enrollment. Re-enrollments are to be considered as a brand-new enrollment applications that will incur an re-enrolment fee of R500.00 and the monthly fee will continue on a month-to-month basis, as per the respective Program’s Program until the Program is successfully completed or cancelled. Please note that re-enrollments are assessed on an individual basis to determine the extent of the re-enrollment. DBS strongly urges all students to avoid this altogether by completing each program within 12 months from the date of enrollment, or at least request an extension 2 calendar months before the 12-month anniversary date.
3.3. Assignment/Exam Failure Implications: Failing an assignment/exam within a program leads to the failure of the entire module. The student will be granted one more opportunity to pass the assignment/exam, before incurring additional costs of R350.00 per assignment submission/exam.
3.4. Graduation: Students can qualify for graduation as soon as they have completed their study program and have fully paid all outstanding amounts for the respective program. Graduation ceremonies are held each year throughout the United States of America (USA) and celebration services in various nations around the world. Attendance is not compulsory. All qualifications are solely issued from Team Impact Christian University campus in the USA. Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees, etc. will be forwarded to students upon completion of their studies from the USA, irrespective of attending a graduation ceremony or celebration service.

4. Code of Conduct:

4.1. Integrity and Behavior: Students are expected to represent the Kingdom of God and DBS with integrity, honesty, and respect, abiding by Christian principles and refraining from activities contrary to Biblical teachings.
4.2. Course Engagement: Students commit to completing all lessons, assignments, and adhering to examination instructions (where applicable) for module completion and eventual program qualification.
4.3. Privacy and Communication: Students should prioritize their privacy and limit contact to the provided communication channels within DBS.
4.4. Content Usage: Reproduction or modification of any course content provided by DBS or its partners for resale, editing, or distribution on any platform is strictly prohibited.
4.5. Compliance and Termination: DBS reserves the right to suspend or terminate access to online courses for any violation, with disciplinary actions, including dismissal from DBS.

5. Disclaimer:

5.1. DBS, implements the Curriculum of a Christian University based in the United States of America (hereafter referred to as “DBS Partner”) and acknowledges the accreditation status of this University by Theological Accreditation International (TAI), ensuring quality assurance in higher education.
5.2. DBS recognizes that accreditation provides: Assurance of meeting established standards of excellence, aiding prospective students in identifying reputable institutions and assessing the acceptability of transfer credits into their curricula.
5.3. DBS also recognizes that accreditation is a private, voluntary, non-governmental peer-review process: Affirming educational quality through self-evaluation, peer examination, and adherence to standards of accreditation.
Upon applying to study at DBS, the student fully understands and agrees that:
5.4. Program Validity: Any program’s validity relies on proper authorization by an entity with legal authority and accreditation agencies cannot confer degree-granting authorization.
5.5. Transferability of Credits: Government-recognized accreditation might not be necessary for religious vocations, and the transferability of credits earned at DBS to other institutions is at the receiving institution’s discretion.
5.6. Credit Transfer: DBS offers DBS Partner courses that meet requirements established by many private, independent, and professional associations, and transfer of credits to other institutions is subject to their discretion.
5.7. Qualification Issuance: All certificates, diplomas, and degrees are issued from the DBS Partner’s registered USA campus in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Students outside the USA are considered online students registered at the Baton Rouge campus.
5.8. Responsibility: DBS and DBS Partner are not responsible for students’ compliance with higher education authorities in their respective nations. It is recommended that ministries or churches implementing DBS and/or DBS Partner programs ensure legal compliance in their respective nations.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1. Modification of Terms: DBS may modify the DBS Terms of Service without any prior notice. All terms, conditions, policies, etc. are subject to changes, and users and students are encouraged to periodically review them for updates or modifications.
6.2. Withdrawal or Dismissal: Withdrawal or dismissal from DBS before completing required courses will result in loss of access to all relevant platforms and participation in any further DBS activities or events.

For inquiries or further information, please contact Dominion Bible School at info@dominionbibleschool.com.

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